Who am I anyway?

Adam doesn't like to talk about himself in third person so he will stop now

"If I'd write a book that everybody enjoys, and understood, I wouldn't be telling anything new" - Arthur C. Clark

If you haven't experienced fast change already, you might not yet understand some of the things that I do like ...

If you are like most people, reading what you just read made you squint and stirred up some "what da ..." feelings inside.

That's GOOD.
That's the feeling of exposure to stuff outside your model of the world.

I can also sense some things holding you back, many things you know you "should" do but don't, and the other way around.

That's only you btw, no one else experiences this ;)

So what are YOUR biggest pain points?
What do you REALLY want to have happen?
What are your itchiest scratches?

Most people never stop to wonder what would make life FANTASTIC. What would make them shoot up out of bed and face the next day with full power.

Most people choose between "not bad" and "OK."

But you don't strike me as most people, otherwise you wouldn't be here reading these lines, would you?

So welcome to my humble virtual space!

I've just finished tidying up there so please check your shoes and formalities at the door, poke around a bit, and when you are ready, let me know how you want to improve your life.

Me in a nutshell

Now that you got to know me, let's move to the most important part ... Let me get to know you!

So what can I do you for my friend?

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