I don't charge I accept

So you want to give back? How awesome are you!

Doantion Miracle

All my content is, and always will be, 100% free and open sourced. FOREVER.

I still need to eat tho, so for my time I do accept something in return, but I don't charge you for it anymore.

Boromir Charges money

Once you get immense value from our time together, u decide if and how much you'd love to give. I don't want to hold you hostage ahead of time.

"But Adam, aren't you afraid people will take advantage of you?"

Doantion Miracle

First of all, I ain't afraid of anything ;)

So far no one has "taken advantage". Some give less, some give more, some really can't spare a dime so they work more passionately to refer me future clients.

Yoda give more

One lady came to me after 30 years of therapy, twice a week, $30 each session.

That's a LOT of time and money she spent for NOT solving her problem.

We did more progress in 2 hours than the previous 30 years combined.

U can imagine she was more than happy to give back ...

So how can I give back?


My favorite way of moving value around without giving a cut to the banksters and people in suits in the ivory tower. I made a dedicated page for that to make it easier for you. Start here.


The easiest way most people choose to give back. Click on the select field below, choose the amount you'd be happy to give, and click the "buy now" button. Oh and ... Get ready for a dose of good karma ;)


Peeps who got a PayPal usually use this to give back, since it's so easy and convenient. Click here

What if I don't have even $10 to spare?

That's perfectly fine, there are many ways you can contribute!

Share this page, leave a review (and like!), tell your friends, and let me know what skills do you have that might be useful. There are many areas I could use help in order to reach more people and refine everything that I do. I appreciate every act of kindness! :)

If we haven't done anything together yet, what can I do you for my friend?

Adam Goldman Give, then ask, don't take
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