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Smoking Destroyer

Convert your old smoking habit into a powerful image of yourself

  • Smoking

שחרור מטראומה

איך להפוך חויה שלילית, ריבים, ויכוחים וזכרונות שעדיין רעים למשאב עוצמתי

  • טראומה

Trauma Relief

Turn old traumas and bad memories, arguments, and fights into powerful resources

  • Trauma

Internal Dialog Scrambeler

Stop recurring intrusive thoughts and limiting beliefs. Perfect for "what if's, "I'm not good enough", and all that lovely things we said to ourselves

    Reverse Feeling Spin

    Turn anxiety, pain, depression, and any unwanted feeling to something new

    • Anxiety
    • Panic Attack
    • Depression

    Reverse Feeling Spin v2

    A slight alteration for the reverse spin, used for the same things

    • Anxiety
    • Panic Attack
    • Depression

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