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Imagine you could get a certain dose of ecstasy and good feelings as a side effect of learning to operate your brain in more effective ways.

How awesome would that be?

(If this is your first time using one of the brain hacking tools, you can have a quick read how it's going to work first, tho it's not needed)

Brilliant. Am I conversing with a lovely lady or a brave knight?

(or is it brave lady? or lovely knight? whatever you know what I mean!)

And your name m'lady?

Great. Now, you know those people you just love to have around?

Like their mere prenence fills you up with good feelings, sometimes without saying a word, and sometimes with. And at times it's the way they just "are", you know?

Fantastic. As you think of them now, notice which one induces the strongest feeling inside of you?


As you think of , do you see looking at you?


Notice how bright is the image of in your mind, and see what happens as you brighten it up a bit, like in a old TV, pressing the button to increase brightness.


Brilliant. Now go all the way brighter until it's a bit blinding, and then start decreasing it until it's as shiny as it can be without hurting.


Fantastic. Now go the other way around and make it darker, and see what happens. Then make it brighter again, so you find the sweetspot which you feel good the most.


Great. As you look at with this brightness, do you see in B&W or in color?


Awesome. Make the colors richer and as vivid as you can. Just like brightness, go full in, and increase the vividness until it becomes absord, and then start decreasing it.


Good. Now go the other way around and decrease the colors until it's grayscale / B&W, and then introduce colors again and make them rich and vivid. Like brightness, find the sweetspot for good feelings.

Sharpness and quality

Great. Now that we crancked up the brightness and color, notice how sharp, crisp, and high quality you see in your mind.

You might experienced sometimes watching a video on Youtube or a screen, and halfway into it you noticed the resolution and quality is not set to maximum.

Now look at and increase the quality of the image, set it to maximum quality, so it's crisper and sharper, like the best screen you can imagine.

Sharpness and quality

Magnificent. Now decrease the resolution and quality all the way down until you can barely recognize , then increase it all the way up again. You might find the maximum quality is now higher than before.


Now let's talk distance. How close do you see ? Is he right up there in your face or miles away?

Usually it's something in between. Now push the image away all the way into the distance so it's just a dot, then pull it closer till it's "in your face", and start pushing it away again until you find the sweepspot which induces the most good feelings.


Do you see in a flat image or in 3d?


Add more and more depth, so you make 's representation as deep and as 3d as you can.


Now start decreasing it until it's a flat image, and start adding more and more depth again.

(yes, you guessed it, find the sweetspot of good emotions. Aren't you intuitive? ;) )

Focus and clarity


Now make the image clearer and more focused, as much as you can.

Focus and clarity


Now start defocusing and blurrying it until you can barely recognize it's , then increase the focus and clarity again to the max.

Still image or a movie

Is moving as you look at now, or is it a still picture?

If it's not yet a movie, "press play" so you see moving, and notice if and how much you feel good even more.


Now that it's a movie, do you hear talking to you yet?

Hear what 's saying and more importantly HOW 's saying it, the tone of voice and the way talks to you.


Now try this ...

As speaks, hear as if the sound would come from all around you, like a sorround effect in a cinema, if there were high quality speakers from all around.


Now play with the volume of the experience. Make everything louder, until it's too much, then lower until you can barely hear 's voice, then louder again.

(sweetspot anyone?)


As you see and hear , what smell might go on with this experience?

Do you like that smell? If there's no smell already, add it in and notice if you feel good in a better way with the smell.


Now notice how you experience now, compared to a few minutes ago when we just started.

Pretty cool right? (but not as cool as share it with others! including of course :) )

And it only "cost" you a few minutes of brain exploration.

If this is your first time doing this, I suggest you do it with a few more people until you feel you get the hang of it.

Then, I will show you how to leverage this learning and multiply it by ... well ... you will see :)

But don't rush into it! If you only done this on , please hear me out here and do it again on at least one more person first.

I will wait for you either way. Promise!

Source: I've adapted this tool from Bandler's processes, see Using Your Brain for more info.

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